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Our Story

Brad Lewis, Founder & Director

It was less than nine hours after Brad set foot on Indian soil for the first time that he knew his destiny was for the people of India. While running along the beach through a fishing village devastated by a Tsunami, he began to sense a calling on his life that he would never be able to shake.

India had captured his heart!

Since that day, 15 years and 20 trips later, the same passion burns in Brad’s heart for the Indian people, especially the unreached Muslims of Northern India and Kashmir. He has had the privilege of speaking hundreds of times in house meetings, village churches, pastor’s conferences, bible schools, and crusades, sharing the encouraging and life-changing Word of God. He has prayed for thousands of people, and has witnessed the power of God transform countless people’s lives. From the homes of the rich, to huts in leper colonies, to flood-ravaged villages in the Himalayas, the same promise

of God’s love is shared with everyone he encounters.

Brad has crossed the nation of India by railway several times, and has ministered in 14 of the Indian states. His favorite place of ministry by far is in the Himalayan mountains of Kashmir. Because of its virtually all Muslim population, the work there is difficult, exciting, essential, and incredibly rewarding.


Probably one of his greatest joys, Brad has helped organize and participate in over 100 medical camps, where Indian doctors and nurses see hundreds of patients, some of whom have never seen a doctor in their entire lives. It is there where Brad prays for the needs of every person desiring a touch from God.


While he was leading a medical camp held inside a Muslim Center in a Kashmiri village, Brad felt impressed by God with the idea of 2wells. He observed the local women and children gathered at the well outside the center, drawing water, talking, and socializing, while the men formed groups for their own socializing. He envisioned a well next to a church building, where people would gather to draw clean water, and receive Living Water. And 2wells was born!

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