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COVID Can't Stop God's Work...

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Even in the middle of a pandemic...

We saw a lot of great things happen through 2wells in 2020! And we were able to see them happen because of your faithfulness in praying and giving.

Here is a summary of what we were a part of in Kashmir in 2020:

  • 113 Converted to Christ

  • 18 Baptisms

  • 340 Total Baptisms through our ministry

  • 35 New villages visited for establishing house churches

  • 76 total house churches established through our ministry

  • 25 families received physical relief (food, clothing, essentials)

  • 3 Cows purchased for micro-businesses to support our leaders (pastors)

  • Provided monetary gifts to the widows of our two leaders who died from COVID

  • Development of Friday evening house prayer meetings

  • Fasting and prayer among our leaders on Mondays & Thursdays

  • Wednesday morning prayer walks

It is a privilege to partner with you in ministry to the people of Kashmir and northern India. Thank you for your faithfulness!

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