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Persecuted for Christ.

One of our team shared his testimony with me:

My name is Syed. Mr. Kelu is my father's friend, and seeing his love and kindness, me and my brother were very impressed and were very surprised to see Kelu’s mercy on elders and compassion on children. All this came from within them.  

Every time we sat with them, we got to learn and hear something new. Thus he told us about Lord Jesus Christ. And so Kelu started our teachings and we read (the Bible) and understood. And in August, 2016 both myself and my brother accepted the Lord Jesus Christ.  

We kept this within ourselves. In 2017, parents got us married (arranged) and in the same year we told our wives about Christ. They separated their beds from us as soon as they heard. And gave us two months to reform so that we can become Muslims again. We refused to be Muslims

My family members also argued with us a lot, beat us up a lot and threw us out of the house and evicted us from the property. We did not eat for five days because we had no money. After one year and four months of marriage, our wives divorced us. 

Now I work as a driver, and my brother works in the hospital. Pray for me and my brother sir. Now we work our whole lives for the Lord Jesus Christ. Let us die and live for Christ. Amen.

Syed is one of our leaders, overseeing 35 families, teaching and encouraging them in their walks with Christ.. This is why I love to come and minister in Kashmir.

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