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Read This Testimony!

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

Here is a testimony of the greatness of God in a Muslim lady’s life:

One day I fell ill and the doctor admitted me and asked me to administer ten pints blood. We asked all our relatives and friends to donate blood, but no one came close to us. By chance we met Mushtaq Brother (he is one of our 2wells team) and he arranged blood for us. If I am alive today, I am because of Mushtaq. Seeing his love, I was very worried about where this love came from. And when I returned home from the hospital, I invited Mushtaq.

The next day, Mushtaq came to our house and I asked him. I asked about love. So he told me about his Jesus and I liked it very much. In this way, for one year he told us about the Jesus. In this way we believed in the real God. My three Daughters and two Sons started believing in the Christ. Thank God, we are all among the believers. And what we learn today we tell others about it. So that they also believe. Today we have a group of twenty people. God willing, we will be many, Amen.

One of the daughters is a seamstress, doing hand embroidery on shawls. She has the vision to teach other young women that skill and as they learn, to share Christ with

them. (That is how we are spreading the Gospel here among the Muslims: Through “social work.”)

We are opening a “hand tailoring” sewing center in their home. This is the work of 2wells!

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