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I love this story...

On a recent mission trip to India, our host pastor took us to visit a school that he had started. After meeting the students and teachers, the "principal" invited our team to his home for lunch. As we were eating, the cook/housekeeper asked if one our team doctor could see her daughter. The girl suffered from a condition that caused her to faint and be unconscious for several hours.

Our team doctor knew exactly what the condition was, and proceeded to treat her. Afterwords, I laid hands on the young lady and prayed for her, that she would not only be healed but would come to know Christ.

One year later I was preaching in a church in the same area, and during the altar call the girl and her mother, who both happened to be attending, indicated that they wanted to commit their lives to Christ.

I sat down with the mother and girl, and with my host/translator, proceeded to share the Gospel with them, and they both committed their lives to Christ! But it gets better...

As soon as we were finished praying and stood up, a lady from the church sat down with them and began to disciple them, sharing the importance of walking with Christ daily, reading God's Word, and praying. It was powerful to see the next level of influence jump right in and minister. The body of Christ at work, together!

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