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It's hard to squeeze it all in...

I'm not talking about packing my suitcase. I am referring here to our time with all of the Believers during my most recent mission trip to Kashmir. My ministry partner Kelu sent me an email a couple of days ago saying that some of the "Brothers" were disappointed with us because we weren't able to visit them during the short 15 days I was there.

Although I am thankful to the Lord for the way the ministry of 2wells has grown over the last few years, it has become increasingly difficult to spend time with all of our leaders and Believers.

Because of the exclusive Muslim population of the region, having a conference or even several group meetings is out of the question because of the suspicions that would be raised. In addition to that, the constant threat of terrorism in the area has moved the the Indian Army and police forces to prohibit any unregistered gathering.

So we do the best we can and seek to visit, encourage, and teach our new leaders and Believers, while encouraging them to take what we imparted and share it with those they are mentoring and ministering to.

By the way, Kelu said he is smoothing out the situation with the disappointed Brothers, and has promised them that next year I would visit them.

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