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Running through open doors…

Updated: Sep 7

I have always been a fan of unexpected connections and divine appointments. And I’m not referring to “only on mission trips”. God is always looking to insert people into our lives who we can minister to, and who can minister to us. We simply have to look for what God is doing.

That’s what happened for Kelu and me. In the course of our traveling and ministry in one day we have encountered: a para-military squad leader (pictured above), the deputy police chief for Srinagar, a CID (Criminal Investigation Division) detective, and a politician (comparable to a US Congressman).

The congressman invited us to his apartment where we talked for a bit, and then insisted that the next day we go with him to his home (outside of the city) and meet his family.

So the next day we ditched his security detail and went with him, and that opened to door for a full day of meeting new people, connecting with other “social work organizations”, and planting ministry seeds in an unreached district. Plus, we are establishing a new sewing center!

Thank you for following, praying, and giving: your support is making this new sewing center possible!

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